UPDATED January 19, 2017

Chelsea Pfeiffer

Spanking Model, Director, Writer & Producer

Chelsea Pfeiffer is a model, director, writer and producer in the Spanking Fetish Scene since more than 25 years. Producing Spanking Videos is more than just a business to her. Her attention goes straight into providing the best Spanking Fetish Productions possible. If you are looking for Spanking Videos that combine genuine corporal punishment scenes with lively and credible story lines, or if you are into uncensored backstage material of real live spanking punishment sessions, then there is no way around Chelsea Pfeiffer! Below we proudly present the latest productions from her new site ‘Good Spanking’. Enjoy!

Jan 19Chelsea spanks Johanna - Part Two
HDspankingf/fotkhairbrush spanking

As the real life, real time spanking continues, Johanna gets a bit of a paddling with a nice little leather paddle and them comes some wood. A solid hairbrush spanking gets things heated up quickly!

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